Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Could you describe the "funk?"

There are certain words in my vocabulary that I just could not live without.  Words that may have a secondary or slang meaning that are slightly undefinable; they become the perfect way to define a situation, a person, or a mood.  I love to go into long, elaborate descriptions with adjectives that mentally construct an entire scene in a reader's mind.  However, sometimes I do no want to work that hard to get my point across.  One example is the word, "douche bag."  Yes, we all know what the literal definition is of a douche bag, but I never use it in that context.  To me, when you describe someone as a, "douche bag," people know exactly what kind of person that is.  It makes people wrinkle up their nose, lift an eyebrow, and shake their head.  They instantly know they do not want to get any closer to that person than they would getting to know an actual douche bag.

Today's word is, "funk."  Someone can be funky in a good way.  Something can smell funky in a very bad way.  I tend to use the word funk to describe a mood.  "Being in a funk," to me translates to, "I'm kind of cranky, not exactly sad, but maybe just in a rut."  I love winter, but this time of year puts me in a funk where I am ready for spring.  Lots of people get depressed during the winter months because of the fewer hours of sunlight.  It is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (awwww, even the acronym is SAD).  I like winter.  I love snow and knitting scarves and Christmas.  What I do not like is when it is 60 degrees one day and 34 degrees the next.  My backyard is no longer a lovely, white, snowy paradise.  It is a soggy, squishy, still half looking dead grassy plain where the melted snow has revealed an abandoned sled and numerous piles of dog doo doo.  Outside it is grey and damp, and in my mind it is hard to do anything but nap.

I probably get in a few funks a year.  My previous blog posts (namely any post I wrote in February) sometimes reflect the level of funkiness I am experiencing.  Maybe I will start referring to the second month of the year as Funkuary because it always seems to start off my end-of-winter funk.  I do not think being in a funk is a bad thing.  I just see them as times I need to get through and be happy when they are over.  If I was happy all the time I would teeter on the edge of perfect...and I cannot disappoint those who love my bitchy, snarky side.  We all go through times where we look around and think, "Is this all there is?"  Maybe we look in the mirror and realize what we are looking at is not a lie; yes, our butt really is that big.  We get down about our lives or ourselves or the weather.  All you can do is to realize the funk you are in is temporary.  Find a way to get past it, or find a friend who needs you to help them through their funk.  If the funk is all consuming and smothering, go see a doctor or take a vacation to someplace sunny.  I have found that a big dose of beach sand poured over your toes is a great cure for many disorders.

So, all that said, I am going to take a little nap and dream of Key West.  I would love to be sipping a cold drink at Sloppy Joe's bar, feeling the breezes, and watching the people walk by.  Oh, but as far as, "funks," go, I found you don't play around with that Funky Cold Medina.

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